Ed Osborn

“Sound, like fire, is simply an artifact of the transfer of one form of energy into another—expended in an instant and then gone.”—Ed Osborn

Osborn was born in Helsinki, Finland, him and his family smuggled art the of soviet union. They were put into witness protection by the FBI and relocated to Philadelphia where is he was submerge in the quaker religion. He studied at Wesleyan University, and continued to compose and preform all around the world. In the early 1990s he started experimenting in with organic tones and sound art. He working with sound installations and the “collective cultural memory” calling his installation mechano-acoustic sculpture.

One of his most attractive installation is flying machines which are balancing hanging speakers that have fans suspend below them, projecting the sounds made by the fans as they moved in the air. His aesthetic are visually pleasing and his creativity shines through by means of producing these sound wild sounds.


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