Nick Cave

Nick Cave is a Chicago based performance artist, who is most famous for his Soundsuits which is very attractive to me in terms of our class. I think these suits he makes can be considered a bizarre type of instrument. I am so into him, especially because of my love of the movement of the human body and the way his suits accentuate these beautiful gestures made by our bodies as well as embracing an element of sound through action. Douglas Kahn talks lots about how sound is a form of energy, Cave is able to harness this energy by creating garments that can absorb energy and then release it through the noise made by the person’s physical motions. I believe Cave wants to bring light and power into a space and understands that we as thriving complex organisms are more than capable of doing this with a help from our need/ want to be clothed. This also speaks to my interest in generating alternative ways to create sound, with the idea that many things, animals, people, gestures, are considered to be silent (lost of sound) or the ability to make sounds, though I think this is false. And I am excited to prove myself right.


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  1. awesome combination of sculpture/performance/dance/sound! it seems like this is a direction you could go in. it’s also cool to see more contemporary sound art- sound intersects with other art practices in so many ways and “sound art” is such a nebulous term that it’s been hard for me to track down

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