bodies; sound; ritual listening

These are two tracks recorded by Maryanne Amacher. If you listen to the first one pretty loudly without headphones you hear what Amacher described as the “third ear,” basically it creates the sensation that your head it producing sound- VERY STRANGE/VERY COOL! Amacher’s piece reflects my growing interest in the bodily experience of sound.

This is a piece by Laurie Anderson called HANDPHONE. She embedded audio drivers in a table in such a way that sound could only be heard by placing your elbows on the table and your hands over your ears. This piece explores embodied (imbedded?) sound and I’d love to make a work in this vein.

In terms of more traditionally-musical sonic inspiration I have been listening to Cueva by Holly Hunt. The repetition, simplicity, intensity and length of the piece are all compelling to me. Listen here:

I read an essay that mentioned the “ritual of listening.” This idea intrigues me- that we have certain rituals surrounding out listening habits, whether it be in the car, through an ipod, putting on a record, or experiencing live music (the difference between listening through headphones or speakers, listening alone or together etc etc) that dictate to some extent our experience of the sounds as much as the elements and principals of the sound itself. How does the convention of a gallery or art-environment dictate our experience of sound?



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